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Perfect Snow Exposures

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Winter is upon us and with our first snowfall behind us here are a few tips for when you are out shooting in the snow this season.

•Your camera can take some snow flakes on it but bring some paper towels out with you to blot it as you are shooting.

•Use your lens hood to prevent snow from falling on your lens.

•Bring lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean your lens as you are shooting.

•When shooting 'snow scenes" (75% or more of the frame is filled with white) you MUST 'overexpose' generally by about +1.0-+2.0. Use the +/- exposure compensation if you are shooting in AV or TV mode . If you are shooting Manual mode move your meter to the + side of the exposure scale by using either your f/stop or shutter speed.

WHY??? Because your camera's meter assumes is exposing for an average of 'middle grey' (18% grey) when the reality is it is metering for a scene that is brighter than that. If you trust your meter to properly expose snow then you will wind up with grey snow.

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