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Photo Restoration and Retouching

These days we all have an abundance of photos of our family and friends. However, chances are you probably only have a few of your parents, siblings, grandparents etc. In all probability they may not be in the best shape and showing signs of age, including cracks, tears, fading and color shifting.


The good news is, I can fix all of this for you by scanning your original image and then digitally retouching it. I will then print it on archival paper and you can get as many copies that you like. Additionally if you have a great photo that just needs some retouching, eyes opened, heads swapped, flyaway hair or ‘Digital Botox” I can do that too.


I will give you a free estimate and most images can be turned around in just a few days! I have been restoring vintage photos and retouching for over 16 years and I will personally do all the work as it is not done offsite or overseas. This holiday season give the gift of a treasured memory- something that always fits!

Vintage Photo Restoration:

•Take a photo with your phone and email it to me.

•Receive an estimate.

•Once approved you will bring the photo to me in my studio to scan I will ask for a 50% deposit.

•You can take the photo back home with you.

•When your photo is ready I will call you to pick up the final print(s). Most photos take 2-3 days maximum.

Here's how it works
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