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Photography Classes

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Beginner DSLR Photography l

Aperture, Shutter Speed ISO-what does it all mean?

This lecture and 'hands on' 2.5 hour class covers:

  • depth of field

  • focus areas

  • stopping action

  • drive modes

  • aperture priority


Beginner DSLR Photography ll

In this class you will continue using aperture priority and more topics will be added. This lecture and 'hands on' 2.5 hour class covers:

  • histograms

  • exposure compensation

  • white balance

  • picture styles

  • autofocus modes


Intermediate DSLR Photography l

After you have completed the Beginner series you are ready to take it to the next level​. This lecture and 'hands on' 2.5 hour class covers:

  • shooting in RAW

  • lens selection

  • custom white balance

  • bracketing

  • CMOS vs. Full frame sensor 


Intermediate DSLR Photography ll

Learning how to fine tune your exposures with these two extensive topics. This lecture and 'hands on' 2.5 hour class covers:

  • metering modes

  • composition

  • focus modes

  • focus areas


Composition l

This 2 hour lecture teaches all the basic fundamentals of composing a photographic image. 

  • what should you be looking for

  • what is the best approach to different subjects

  • using color to create interest

  • lighting for creative effects

  • thought process when creating images

  • lens selection


Composition ll

Many students get caught up on the technical aspects of creating a photograph and often overlook the thing that is equally important...COMPOSITION. I

In addition to the lecture part of class, students are asked to bring in 3 images for a 'critique'

No Camera? No Problem!

Upon request you can use one of the school's DSLR's

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