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The new "Texture" Slider in Lightroom

The latest update to Lightroom has a really fabulous new slider called 'texture'.

•What is it? It is a non-destructive global slider located in the 'presence' group in the Basic Develop module. It can also be used as a 'local' adjustment.

•What does it do? This slider will add contrast to medium size details and preserve fine details when increased. When it is 'decreased it can reduce those unwanted medium details in areas like skin.

•What is the difference between Clarity and Texture?

Clarity will add contrast to mid-tones and impacts luminance and saturation. Generally if too much clarity is added the result is something blocky and over saturated.

Texture will have some effect on luminance and saturation but not as much.

You should apply Texture first and then sharpen your images.

Clarity set to +38

Texture set to +51

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