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How deleting images will make you a better photographer.

We all want to be better at our craft yet sometimes we find that creativity eludes us when we have our cameras in our hands. To add to our frustration when we review our images when we get home we further find that things we thought were decent don't really do anything for us at all.

I firmly believe that there are great photos everywhere, there may only be one but it's there. The trick is knowing where to look, what to look for and how to shoot it once you find it. I find that sometimes when I am going out to shoot I have to 'get my groove on' first which means looking around, looking through the camera and probably taking a lot of images that really will never amount to anything. I find this process helpful, similar to how an athlete may 'warm up'. I feel it is a very necessary part of finding great photographs.

When you get home and you download all of your files this is a great opportunity to really hone in on what makes one photo better than the other.

You need to go through all of your images and start deleting. Many people will say to me 'I have a ton of space, I don't want to be bothered getting rid of them" or "I am not sure which ones are good or bad".

Going through the process of deleting images is one of the best ways to become a better photographer. Comparing similar photos of the same scene and choosing the one that is the strongest can take some experience but if you practice you will become better at it and also become a better critic of yourself.

NEW for 2019: Themed Critique Nights-You will have the opportunity to bring in 3 images to have critiqued by myself and the rest of the participants.

sign up for 2/21 Landscape/Seascape Critique Night here:

Landscape/Seascape Critique Night

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