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What is Lightroom Mobile and how to make your photo sharing a breeze.

When Adobe changed their Lightroom to a subscription based online software platform they also addressed the issues of having your photos easily accessible by syncing to your phone.

However, I have noticed that the majority of my students have been overlooking this very powerful and convenient app-that is included in their subscription.

What is Lightroom Mobile?

This is an app that you download to your phone from the App Store. Once you download the app it will ask you to sign in with your "Adobe ID". In addition you will need to make sure your Lightroom catalog on your computer is also signed into your Adobe ID.

Lightroom mobile is an app that will allow you to sync collections that are in your Lightroom catalog with your mobile phone. This does not sync your entire Library, only images that you put not Collections and then choose to "sync". Even though a photo is in a collection it does not mean that it is synced with your phone.

In addition to syncing collections from your Lightroom collection you can also sync photos that are on your mobile phone with your Lightroom Catalog. This is helpful if you want to do heavier editing in other programs.

Having your images from your Lightroom catalog organized into collections on your mobile phone will allow you to now easily share your images via-email, text, Instagram and other apps.

If you notice that your images are not syncing it could be that Adobe has signed you out of creative cloud on your computer or logged you out of Lightroom mobile. If that happens simply log back in with your Adobe ID.

This topic is covered in Lightroom 101. Click Here to sign up for the next Saturday class in January or Click Here for the evening class.

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