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What you need to know about the latest Lightroom Classic CC update

The latest update to Lightroom Classic CC has some nice improvements and if you haven’t updated yet it’s definitely worth doing. For me the moving the Dehaze slider in the Develop Module to the ‘Basic’ panel is a big one.

I have been complaining about this one for a while because it was buried way down in the ‘Effects’ panel and so many people didn’t even know it was there. Yay! Another great improvement that I am loving is now when you are scrolling around in the Presets-the main preview will show you what the Preset will look like without having to commit to the Preset. Before you only saw this preview in the Navigator which is not a great way to see it. They have also added many more presets!

Adobe has also moved the ‘Profile’ dropdown-this was also buried way down by Camera Calibration and again most people didn’t know what it was for even if they did stumble upon it. These profiles can be used to develop images similar to in-camera profiles and they have also added many more profiles for specific subjects like landscape, portrait, artistic etc. These profiles should be applied first before you start working.

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