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UPDATE: Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Adobe has just released an update for Lightroom and it has certainly created some confusion. Hopefully this will explain what it means to you.

The 'new' version of Lightroom is called "Lightroom CC". For those of you already using Lightroom-you have been calling your version Lightroom CC all along but now our 'updated' version has been re-branded and is called "Lightroom Classic". This may make you feel like if they are calling it classic, perhaps it's because they are looking to phase it out? As far as I have read this is NOT the case.

Now that we have that straight-what is Lightroom CC the 'new' version that has the old name?

This is a photo editing software that will work across all applications. The files are available as full resolution and allows for cloud based editing workflow that can also integrate into mobile devices. This is more for an amateur photographer that does not need the file/folder structure that the Lightroom Classic CC offers. All files are automatically synced to the cloud so that you can access and work on your photos across all of your devices, which also means that everything is backed up all the time.

What has changed with our beloved Lightroom Classic CC?

The main thing about this update is Adobe addressed many of the performance issues. The update allows LR to launch faster, preview load quicker.

There is an update to the adjustment brushes. Now you can make a 'rough' brush adjustment and then go back and refine it, saving you from having to jump over to Photoshop.

So go ahead and get the update-if you have been using LR then Lightroom Classic is where you want to be. Still have questions feel free to contact me via

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