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Workflow: Image and Time management-simplified!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Four Steps to efficient and effective workflow:

This workflow suggests using Lightroom. If you need a better understanding of Lightroom please "What is Lightroom and why do I need it?" (see related posts)

1. Use a program like Lightroom to download images. This is the easy part which we all seem to manage.

2. Delete obvious mistakes, bad exposure, out of focus or nothing to look at. Then using flagging in the Library Module choose your best photos and the rejects. Use keyboard shortcuts-'P" for Pick and 'X' for Reject. If a photo is a reject-DELETE it and DON'T LOOK BACK!!

Use Color Labels for images to print, post or put in a collections.

3. Once you have made collections of your images now it is time to Edit them in the Develop Module. You should not be spending a lot of time 'fixing' photos in Lightroom-if the image (heavy editing in Photoshop aside)cannot be corrected in under 2 minutes then it probably isn't worth keeping-cut your losses.

4. Make a cognitive decision about what your plans are for these images. Are they just held captive on your computer? Do you simply post to social media? Then cull them and make use of them-don't hold them hostage.

5. Ok I know I said 4-BUT...please PRINT your images, photographs were meant to be printed not viewed on a screen. There is something wonderfully organic about a printed image. If you have never experienced it-there is no time like the present. Have questions about printing and where or how to print?-please feel free to email me

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