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Tips for Shooting Fireworks

•The only way to really capture a great fireworks display is by using a DSLR.

•In your camera’s menu turn on “Long Exposure Noise Reduction”

•Shooting RAW files will always give the best possible file.

•You must use a tripod to avoid camera shake. Make sure to also shut off VR-vibration reduction on the lens when using a tripod.

•It is best to use a cable release or remote to activate the shutter.

•Turn off the autofocus and manually set the focus to infinity-otherwise the camera will be ‘searching’ and as it is dark will not lock focus on anything and you will not be able to shoot.

•Set White balance to 'auto"

•Use Manual exposure mode.

•Set your ISO to 100-to keep the noise to a minimal.

•Use an aperture of f/11.0.

•Set the shutter speed to ‘bulb’ this way you can keep the shutter open for the entire fireworks blast. In bulb mode the shutter will stay open for as long as the shutter is depressed-that is why using a cable release or remote works best.

Have fun and play around with the exposure times!

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